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Setting Up Gmail as Your Default Mail Client

I'm meeting with a team at the high school and one of their questions was how to set up Gmail as the default mail client. Then when you click on an email address it would use Gmail to send the email instead of the Mail client on your computer. If you are in the same boat, then click on the graphic below to check out HubSpotBlogs article on how to do it on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer . How to Set Gmail as Your Browser's Default Email Client

Google Classroom Updates!

Surprise, surprise! Google Classroom did updates last week! I'll admit that I saw some of these coming. Add Co-Teachers! When you sign in to Classroom, it will walk you through how to add co-teachers very easily. However, if you haven't checked it out yet, here's a quick view: Navigate into the class you'd like to add a co-teacher to and click on the "About" tab. You'll see the "Invite Teacher" button in the bottom left hand corner of this screenshot. You'll then be prompted to select/search for a teacher in the @BonnyEagle domain. Want to try it out, find me and add me as a co-teacher! At least then I won't be a lazy student in your classes if I have joined it. Draft Announcements and Assignments! Have you ever wanted to set up your posts for the day/week in advance of class? Well, you can now create draft posts to publish later! It doesn't look like you can schedule them yet, but I'm sure that's on their radar. O

Finding the Speed of Light... with Peeps!

If you are a loyal NPR listener, like myself, you may have heard a small piece recently on one of their science correspondents finding the speed of light . With peeps. In his microwave. Well, I finally crossed watching the YouTube video they referenced off my to do list today. And I am completely inspired. Imagine our science students doing stuff like this! I totally want to go find some peeps and do it myself.

About TIME & Beyond! (#001)

Well, kids, it's a wrap. The first episode of "About TIME & Beyond!" is in the can. I'm going to do a bigger round up tomorrow, but I wanted to share the YouTube video before I head home just in case you want to check it out tonight. What a rush!

Digital Citizenship & Graphite from Common Sense Media

I'm attending/hosting MLTI's workshops with Common Sense Media today at the technology office. This morning we are looking at Graphite by Common Sense Media, which is a great tool for exploring apps and websites for your subject matter and planning your lessons with those tools through Lesson Flows. Then, in the afternoon, we'll be looking at the digital citizenship lessons from Common Sense Media. As always, I am taking notes through a Google Document, which I have embedded below or you can see it via this link . I have also turned on public commenting if you have any feedback about it.

Bye bye, OpenClass...

Bye Bye, It feels like just yesterday we were trying to learn how to use OpenClass to do the PLP at the High School. How to do what we were able to do on Moodle, but on OpenClass. I'll admit, it brings back some bad memories for me! Well, I just wanted to give a reminder to any of our students who have files on OpenClass that it is being mothballed on Wednesday, April 15th (Tax Day!) and going bye bye. I doubt many teachers are using it, but the same goes for you, too. If you are using it, I'm here to help you find a better home for your online classes! Google Classroom and Infinite Campus both offer awesome options and there are many others. So please get in touch if you are weeping about OpenClass' departure.

Less than 1 week until the first HOA!

A few weeks ago I shared through Google+ that I was hosting my first Google Hangout on Air. Well, it's officially less than one week away! We'll be talking about all kinds of technology integration stuff including upcoming conferences, conference proposal deadlines, as well as cool stuff that is going on. If you are interested in watching, just come join the event ! Or, even better, if you are doing something cool that you'd like to share with us, please let me know! My goal is to bring in a teacher/integrator from K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 to make it a well rounded program. Check out the event page for the agenda. I'm super excited/nervous, but am looking forward to getting it going.

Changing it up!

I've had several teachers mention to me that they can't find some of the resources that I put together for you guys because my site(s) are so confusing. I totally hear you and appreciate your feedback. So, as of this week, I am working on migrating all of my resources off of my " Guides & Tutorials " website onto my blogsite here. As a result, you may find that many pages in my new format are blank. But don't despair! My goal is to have the content all moved over before April vacation. The most notable change is that my menu bar from my past site design, which does not have frequently needed pages, has been moved to the top of the page (with the exception of my "Make an Appointment" page). The main menu bar has been replaced with the topics that I think teachers most want to learn about when they come to my site: Google Apps (GAFE), Infinite Campus, Mac tools (such as Pages, etc.), Web tools, and then the Other menu contains information about free

Love Pacman? How about Google?

Did you love Pacman growing up? The ghosts, fruits, balls... it was just fun! Well, yesterday I saw that Google just amped up Google Maps to include a Pacman mode! No, I'm not fool'. See that icon in the bottom left? That's Pacman mode! Now, it isn't available everywhere (mostly because there need to be a high concentration of roads from what I can tell). Initially I had high hopes of taking Mr. Pacman around the town as a geography lesson for the kids. But I think it still has potential for geography lessons. Here are some ideas to get you started: When you go to play, you can type in a city (such as Paris) and then turn on the Pacman layer and you can play. But where in Paris is that? What is going on in that area? Does it have a historical importance? What is the geography like in that area? If you are already in a rural area when you click on the Pacman layer then it will give you the option to play in another place. Then Google Maps goes to a new loc

(New) Khan Academy Math Users! Get $500 for free!

I just received the following email from Edmodo and I knew I had to pass it along since so many math teachers are seeing the value of Khan Academy for their students. So, if you aren't using it yet, you should take this opportunity to check Khan out! Our friends at the Teacher Opportunity Program are rewarding teachers who get their students to complete the first few hours of a Khan Academy math “mission.” This math mission provides practice exercises, instructional videos, and personalized learning dashboards that empower students to study math at their own pace. If you help 10 of your students complete part of the mission, you’ll receive$500 of classroom funding to spend on the books, supplies, technology, or field trip that you most want for your students. Learn more and sign up now ! Want help with it? Would you like to check out Khan Academy? I'm your girl! Just book me up and I'll do whatever I can!