Changing it up!

I've had several teachers mention to me that they can't find some of the resources that I put together for you guys because my site(s) are so confusing. I totally hear you and appreciate your feedback. So, as of this week, I am working on migrating all of my resources off of my "Guides & Tutorials" website onto my blogsite here. As a result, you may find that many pages in my new format are blank. But don't despair! My goal is to have the content all moved over before April vacation.

The most notable change is that my menu bar from my past site design, which does not have frequently needed pages, has been moved to the top of the page (with the exception of my "Make an Appointment" page). The main menu bar has been replaced with the topics that I think teachers most want to learn about when they come to my site: Google Apps (GAFE), Infinite Campus, Mac tools (such as Pages, etc.), Web tools, and then the Other menu contains information about free alternatives to apps you may be missing, digital citizenship, and a couple other items. Did I miss something that you'd like to be able to access easily? Just let me know!

Thank you for your patience while I make the transition. And thank you to those of you who gave me to feedback so I can make my site more useful for you.


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