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Easy Peasy Video, Audio & Screencasts

Last week my topic of the week was how to create easy peasy  video, audio, and screencast recordings right on your Mac without needing any additional software. And, now that the middle school iBook project is wrapped up, I finally had time to create my screencast of, well, how to screencast. Talk about a funny experience! Here it is in all of its glory including some of my fubs while recording.

Agenda for September 29th-October 3rd

It is hard to believe that September is winding down and we've been in session for a month now. Wow, has it been a busy start! Now that I have finished the middle school's iBook applying for Apple Distinguished Schools, I finally feel like I can get into a routine for the year and not be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. We should hear sometime in November if all of our hard work has paid off, so cross your fingers. With that in mind, I'm going to work on catching up on my screencasts from the workshops I've covered already this year. Topics forth coming include: Easy Peasy Video, Audio, and Screencasts Classroom by Google Navigating Campus Instruction Beta If you are looking for gradebook  help, I already have an in depth screencast about that posted on my Guides & Tutorials page , so I won't be recording a new one. But I will discuss the other aspects that have changed and been added with Campus Instruction like planner , seating ch

And almost back to my regularly scheduled programming...

PHEW! The year certainly started with a bang thanks to the majority of the laptops at both the high school and middle school being deployed within a four day span of time at the end of last week and beginning of this week. I dare say technology deserves a big round of applause for getting so many computers out so fast and doing so much earlier than last year. I know they still have more to do at both schools, but they have been busting their tails. Be sure to thank them for making it happen! I wanted to take a moment to share a little bit about what's coming up from me now that I'm almost back to a normal, predictable schedule like I had last year. So... Generally speaking, here is where you can find me and when this year: That format seemed to work pretty well last year, so I'm hoping to continue it. Keep in my that it will vary as needed for meetings, etc. so the most reliable way to see if I am available in your building is to check my appointment and works

Apple Professional Development Interest Gauge 2014-15

As we start off another school year with the 1:1 MLTI deployment, I am trying to take better advantage of the complimentary professional development that Apple can provide to us on site. I would like to get the dates set as soon as possible so we can ensure that the trainers are available at a time that works best for us. Before I do so, it is important for me to gauge everyone's interest in the topics that they offer so that the sessions are relevant for us and our needs. If you wouldn't mind helping me with that by filling out the following Google Form at your earliest convenience, I would really appreciate it! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me. You will need to be signed in to your MSAD #6 google account in order to fill it out and I am collecting your username so that I can contact you directly if we host any of the sessions you expressed interest in.

ACTEM 2014

If you are a technology minded teacher, I would highly encourage you to check out the agenda for the 2014 ACTEM conference, which is next month in Augusta. It is now a full two day conference and you can attend for just one day or for both. Here is the email that just came out about it: This year's ACTEM conference theme is Rebooted and Reimagined. Not only are we rebooting our technology, we are reimagining the conference too! The ACTEM conference is now a full 2 day conference on October 9 & 10 at the Augusta Civic Center. Both days will include morning keynotes, 1 hour sessions, ½ day sessions and full day sessions. The ACTEM Educator of the Year and Leader of the Year will be announced and recognized at the Thursday afternoon reception as well. Check out the full slate of session descriptions here: Registration is open at: The early bird rate ends on Septem

Blocking a Specific Google+ User

There comes a time when you want to block someone from finding you on Google+. If you don't know what Google+ is then this likely doesn't apply to you. But it is basically a social network on Google that you can use to communicate with other people such as through communities, groups, and other postings. It is also used for Google Connected Classrooms . If you are on it and you would like to block someone, it is fairly easy to do. The Google support document is fairly helpful , but lacks the screenshots to make it clear where to click. So here are directions , with screenshots, to take you through the process. Step 1. Log in to Google+ by clicking on the + ( Your Name) in the upper right hand corner of your Gmail Screen. Step 2. Search for the person you want to block via the search bar at the top. Step 3. Once you are on the person's profile, click on the down arrow under their photo on the left side at the top of their profile (circled in red above).