And almost back to my regularly scheduled programming...

PHEW! The year certainly started with a bang thanks to the majority of the laptops at both the high school and middle school being deployed within a four day span of time at the end of last week and beginning of this week. I dare say technology deserves a big round of applause for getting so many computers out so fast and doing so much earlier than last year. I know they still have more to do at both schools, but they have been busting their tails. Be sure to thank them for making it happen!

I wanted to take a moment to share a little bit about what's coming up from me now that I'm almost back to a normal, predictable schedule like I had last year.


Generally speaking, here is where you can find me and when this year:

That format seemed to work pretty well last year, so I'm hoping to continue it. Keep in my that it will vary as needed for meetings, etc. so the most reliable way to see if I am available in your building is to check my appointment and workshop calendars depending on what you are looking for.

Speaking of appointments, did you know you can magically block off time on my calendar so you can see me? If you are logged in to your Bonny Eagle Google account, you can go to this page, find a block of time labeled with your school, and then schedule it. Be sure to include what you would like to cover in the description so I can be prepared for our session as well as where you would like to meet in the location. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!

If you are at the high school and I'm based at the middle school, you can still book time with me! We can meet virtually via Google Hangouts, which allows us to talk and share our screens with each other. So it's basically like having me there with you. It's awesome!

One last note, I am working at putting together my mailing list for the high school faculty to send out calendar invites for my workshops and the middle school teachers should have already received invites for this week's sessions. This week I am talking about Infinite Campus: Campus Instruction Beta. I will be covering it on Thursday at the middle school and Friday at the high school.

If you have just been keeping your head above water with the new Infinite Campus: Campus Instruction Beta then come to this session to see what all the changes are and how to use some of the new features. The specific topics will be fluid based on who attends and what you want to have covered, but could include:

  • Gradebook Basics
  • Utilizing Gradebook Settings and Filters
  • Planner
  • Seat Charts
  • Student Groups

I dare say I've been long winded enough for today. I look forward to meeting and working with you all this year!


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