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You have officially survived fall testing. Phew! We wanted to drop out our update today as there are two especially important updates to share with you after our last message. As always, you can make an appointment with us right on our website if you'd like to chat further.

Want to check out our past messages and catch up on anything you've missed? Click here!

1 Awesome Tip
  1. FIFTY TIME-SAVING CHATGPT PROMPTS FOR TEACHERS: Since ChatGPT became a hot topic about a year ago, we've been digging into and experimenting with ChatGPT and a plethora of other AI tools. But, for some of you, the mere mention of ChatGPT may make your skin crawl. We would highly recommend dipping your toe in the AI waters because there are so many ways that it can help save you time, which we know you have very little of. If you'd like to learn more about how AI can help you work more efficiently and give you back time to do what you love, just book a time and we'd be happy to chat.
2 Updates to Know
  1. TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION AND PASSWORDS FOR SYNERGY AND GOOGLE: Per an email sent out via technology earlier this week, two factor authentication is going to be turned on for Synergy on November 1st. Your authentication code will be in your email (unlike Google, there is no special app or text needed).

    We are also going to be forced to change passwords for both Google and Synergy in order to keep our data secure. Please keep in mind that you will need to know your existing password in order to change your Synergy password. Do you save your passwords and don't know what your existing password is? Please make an appointment with us and we'd be happy to show you how to find your saved passwords.
  2. GOOGLE SINGLE SIGN ON BUTTON: As a follow up to our last email, we have met with the technology department and have been reassured that everything that we currently have a signed student data privacy agreement (which includes EdPuzzle, GimKit, Canva, Commonlit, and many others) will continue to function as expected come Monday once Google changes how their single sign on button works for those under the age of 18. Thank you to Tonya for making sure we're going to be all set!
3 Important Links
  1. STUDENT DATA PRIVACY CONSORTIUM (SDPC): If you want to use a website or app with your students, check here first to see if you can do so. Questions? Reach out to us!
  2. TECH SUBSCRIPTIONS: Curious about what subscriptions your building has and how you can get access to them? We have an area on our website devoted to just that!
  3. BOOK TIME WITH US: We want to make it super easy to set up a meeting with us. You can do so right on our website without needing to email back and forth! Just pick the date and time that works for you and we'll be there! We also offer 15 minute sessions right on Google Meet if you need support sooner rather than later.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

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