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Techie Thursday for October 11, 2018

Needless to say, last week's techie Thursday note was delayed a few days. But I have a good reason! I was off at the annual ACTEM conference in Augusta where I presented four sessions covering topics like creating VR tours, my favorite AR/VR apps, automating your work to make life easier, and about 3D printing in grade K-12. I also got to see  Joe Sanfelippo , who is a superintendent from Wisconsin, and the author of  Hacking Leadership . I laughed. And, yes, I cried. He was a phenomenal speaker and definitely one of my all time favorites. I would highly recommend checking him out and also follow  #GoCrickets  on Twitter. He's down an amazing job in his school and it's easy to see why they have applicants from around the country for jobs at their school. If you have never been to ACTEM, it happens every October in Augusta. They'll be looking for presentation proposals this spring. If you'd like to collaborate on a session, let me know! I love co-presenting with fol