Customizing Assignment Order in Infinite Campus Gradebook

Now that the trimester is well under way, you might find yourself wanting to customize how you assignments are displayed in Infinite Campus. Fortunately, using the sort option in your gradebook, you can do just that. You are able to sort the following items in ascending or descending order:

  • Category: Useful for grouping your summative assignments together, your formatives together, etc.
  • Sequence: If you are in the small group who uses the GB Seq option, this choice is for you.
  • Due Date: If you'd like to see your most recent assignments first, you can opt for this choice and then use the descending order.
In order to set any of those options, just click on the sort button in your gradebook as shown in the below image.

I hope that helps! As always, feel free to make an appointment with me and I'll give you a hand with it.

Never stop learning. Susie from


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