Using Messenger in Infinite Campus' Campus Instruction (2016)

Did you know that you can send messages to parents and/or students right within Infinite Campus? It makes it really easy to communicate with either party about a wide range of common items. The Class Message tool works well for when you want to send home a newsletter or other mass communication that isn't student specific. The Grade Message option will let you send out a message to only a specific set of students/guardians based on the grade that the student currently has in your class. I love this option for ensuring that parents aren't surprised to learn that their student isn't doing well in your class (or at least to attempt to). The final option is for Missing Assignments. I would often use this one on Thursday afternoon so that the student could gather the necessary materials from me on Friday and then spend their weekend getting caught up.

If you are interested in getting started, I have a few resources available for you.

The first one is this PDF from Paulding County School District in Georgia. Although I have plans to create my own version that is more susinct, they have a lengthy PDF available that walks you through your options.

If you are someone who does best by seeing it happen, I posted the following screencast on my blog last spring and it matches the current version.

Both resources are also posted on my Infinite Campus page, which is linked in my menu bar.

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