Unstoppable Learning from TED Radio Hour

TED Radio Hour

As we head in to our first "major" vacation of this academic year, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to share with you one of the episodes I listened to recently from the TED Radio Hour on NPR entitled "Unstoppable Learning".

The episode itself is broken up in to five sections. If you've watched TED Talks before, then much of it will be familiar. The nice thing about the Radio Hour version is the addition information and talking points while you listen. If you'd like to just jump ahead for one section, I think the piece from Sugata Mitra at the TED conference in 2013, called "Can Schools Exist In The Cloud?", would be especially relevant.

As always, I'm interested to know what you think and if it spurs any ideas with you.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! 33% complete for the year already. Hard to believe it's that time already!

Never stop learning. Susie from SimmonsClassroom.com


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