The Parent/Student Side of Standards on Infinite Campus

With the move towards standards-based grading on Infinite Campus under way this fall, one of the big questions is how it looks for the parents & students on their portal. You can see what the portal view looks like for a particular student by navigating into the student's profile on the "Campus Tools" side of IC and then clicking on the grade tab. When you find your class in their grades, there is a gradebook icon that looks like this:

Once that is selected, there is a button at the top to view as the portal user:

That will show you exactly what the student/parent will see on the portal for your particular class. But, without needing to go through all of the clicks, these two screenshots give you a general idea of how it is displayed to the student/parent depending on which screen they are on.

I hope that helps clear up some of the mystery of the standards-based side of Infinite Campus. I don't think it is nearly as confusing as we all expected it to be. That being said, the curriculum office is working on reworking the wording of the standard to make them more concise and easier to understand on the parent/student portal. As you can see in the example screenshots, some of the truncation that is happening due to the character limit leaves you with very little information about what that standard actually is. So expect that aspect to become clearer as curriculum refines them.

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