Sharing to Google Classroom

I recently had a teacher come to me a bit mystified that he did not see the famed Google Classroom button when he was logged in to IXL as their blog had said he would. I'll admit it. I was baffled.

After several troubleshooting steps and talking with our awesome technology support team, we determined that it is because how the button is coded into their site is resulting in it being blocked by our firewall. Long story short, they have it paired with a Facebook button, which will never finish loading because Facebook itself is blocked.

But don't despair.

I found a way to accomplish the same exact thing that the button does, but using an extension in Google Chrome instead.

There are two different extensions in the Chrome Webstore, which you can find when you search for Google Classroom. I would recommend choosing one of the two options shown below:
  • Share to Classroom from Google (the icon on the left): If all of your students are using Chrome, I would highly recommend this extension, which will allow you to "push" a website out to your students as well as add the webpage as an announcement or an assignment.
  • Add to Google Classroom from Mr. Andrew Caffrey (the plus symbol icon): This is the extension that will let you accomplish the same thing as the button in IXL. It does not give you the ability to push the website out to your students.
Hopefully these two extensions will help make your life with Google Classroom even easier.


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