Needing Pages? Keynote? Other apps?

Now that laptops have been rolled out to the students, we're starting to see more and more students who are missing applications like Pages and Keynote. But it's super easy to get them! They (or you) just need to accept the VPP invitation through Self Service.

Here is a super quick presentation walking you through each screen of the process. You will need to have an AppleID to make it happen, which most people have already. But feel free to comment on this blog post if you don't or if you'd like directions on how to create one without using a credit card.

If you don't see anything within Self Service, you may need to put in a tech ticket to have a technician check the system.

I would encourage you to take a moment with your class just to make sure they are all set with their VPP invitations as it will save you time down the road to know that all of your kids are on the same page.


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