Changes with Google

I wanted to take a moment to break from my typical tech coach talk and let you know that Google has just rebranded themselves and, therefore, several icons have changed. I know it seems like a minor point to most, but I also know that it can catch some folks by surprise. More information about the change can be read about on their official blog announcement.

Basically, all of their icons are moving to a san-serif font with the 4 colors previously used (blue, red, yellow, green). The "e" at the end is also tilted a smidge as it has been for a few revisions. All of their favicons, those little icons on the tabs in your browser window, are also going through a revamp.

So, if you noticed things looking a bit different in your Google world, you aren't imagining things.

And, for my fellow Google fans, the evolution of Google's branding is certainly interesting for those of us who just can't imagine what life would be like without it.


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