Transferring Google Site Ownership

It's that time of year when students and staff are leaving the district and they need to take their Google Site with them. It's fairly easy to do! Basically, you want to transfer the ownership of your site to another Google account outside of our domain. Here are the directions straight from Google:
To control who can access your site:
  1. Click More Actions in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Click Manage Site.
  3. Open the Sharing tab, and enter the email addresses for the people with whom you'd like to share your site.
  4. Choose the level of permissions for each person (Owner, Collaborator, Viewer).
  5. Click invite these people.
Once you transfer ownership to your other account then log into your other account and check to see if the Site is there. If you'd like, you can then remove your Bonny Eagle account from access to the Site.

The site will not appear on the page of your personal account. You will need to navigate to in order to access your Site.

Are you a visual learner? Here is a screencast of how to add your personal account as the owner:


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