Now in a loo near you!

If you have been paying attention while you are visiting the faculty loos, you may have noticed that there is some reading material now posted for your enjoyment. Goo in the Loo was started in January of 2014 by Jessica Johnston as part of her Google Teacher Academy action plan. Although I first heard about it a while ago, it took me until now to put her plan into action in Bonny Eagle Middle and High Schools.

The idea is pretty simple! Each month, posters with different Tips and Tricks for Google are posted to her site. The tips and tricks are put together by Google Certified Teachers and Trainers and range from super easy to a bit more complex. As of today, I have posted fourteen different tips in the different faculty loos at the two schools. I plan to rotate them sporadically to change up your reading material and even have a check list so I can make sure each loo gets a different poster.

Give them a read, let me know what you think, and then feel free to reach out if you want help with any of the tips you read!


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