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Customizing Your Google Classroom Theme Image

I'm sure that many of you have already discovered the latest "features" to hit Google Classroom, but I wanted to share them here just in case you hadn't.

The most requested feature they had is now release! What is it? Well, simply, the ability to change your header image to create a more custom theme!

Adding your own header image to Google Classroom (Image source:

Yay... I know, I know. It's not bells and whistles, but it was their top requested feature. So now we have it!

While I'm on the top of requested features, last week I actually met Jennifer Holland from Google. She works on the Google Classroom development team. Did you know that you can actually submit feature requests and Jen will read EVERY SINGLE ONE?!? Just click on the question mark in the bottom left hand corner of your Classroom screen to be given ways to get in touch with them.

She couldn't confirm any new features that they have coming, but did emphasize that submitting requests would boost the tools you want to see the most and (potentially) make them happen faster.

Happy Googling!


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