Are you on Twitter?

I've been leveraging Twitter more and more lately to boost my own personal learning network with like-minded educators. It gives me a great way to stay connected to the awesome folks that I am meeting at workshops and conferences. I can easily reach out to a wide range of experts to help me through problems or to simply inspire me to do more awesome things. And it also means that I see a steady stream of innovation in my tweetdeck every day. If you are on Twitter, please come and follow me! And, while I'm at it, I've been using the #bonnyeagle hashtag to share stuff that I think folks in our district should see. I'd love it if you were, too! To inspire us all and form a better community, I think this image I saw would be a great place to start:

I'm going to start making a conscious effort to tweet out one awesome thing I've done or seen in our classrooms each day. The more positive vibe we have, the better off we will all be! So please join me!


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