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Report Writing for Math-based Classrooms with FastFig

I'm at a conference right now starring at a gazillion tabs I have open in my browser filled with awesome sites and tools I want to share with folks. Yes, I can bookmark them, save them to a tab cloud... the list goes on. But you want to know how long the list of "awesome need to share" is already? Yup. So I'm going to be a bad student and start posting them in order to get my tab load down.

Last week I spent 1.5 days learning about math with technology. One of the sites that I came across is called FastFig. The concept is simple. It's like word processing, but geared entirely towards mathematics. I know that you can put math figures into other systems. But it often is done via copying a photo of the equation from something else and pasting the graphic into the one you are working in. Boring! And can I mention time intensive?

FastFig is completely free. "Create as many new documents and pages as you want by clicking on the button labeled "New" in the upper left. Then choose from one of our templates to started. For those who want some organization, use the folder button above the document organizer to create new folders. Then simply drag and drop your documents where you want."

Once you are done with the assignment, you can share it via printing as a PDF (to upload it to Google Classroom, etc.), copy a link to send to someone else, or embed it online like I did below.

Go and check out FastFig and let me know what you think!


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