New Features on Google Classroom

Yesterday I posted my initial review of the Google Clasroom app for iOS and Android devices. But there are other updates that came out for Classroom that I know are frequently requested features.

Teacher Assignment Page

You now have the ability to see the status of all of your assignments across the classes you are teaching in one place. Click on the three bar button in the upper left hand corner when you are logged into Classroom. You'll see that your classes are now broken out into what you are teaching and what you are enrolled in (assuming you are enrolled in one). Under the teaching menu, you can chose "Assignments".

Then you will come to a page where your assignments are broken down in between those needing to be reviewed and those you have reviewed.

The bars on the left side of the assignment help to color code what class the assignment falls in as well as the name under the assignment name itself.

Archiving Classes

The other awesome feature that came out is the ability to archive classes. It will lock it from students changing anything, but retains it for your future reference. You can access the option to archive on your dashboard by clicking on the three dots on the class you want to archive.

Once you select it, you will get this friendly warning:

In order to see an archived class, you can click on the three bar button in the upper left hand corner of the screen and scroll to the bottom:

That will take you to a special dashboard that looks just like your normal one, but the only classes you will see will be those you have archived.

I hope you enjoy the new features! I'll keep trying to post out as much as I can when I see new features come out.


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