Math Activities with Desmos Teacher Panel

We recently hosted a math workshop for Apple that focused on STEM/STEAM in the classroom using technology. One of the apps that we used was Desmos and we actually got to meet the developer thanks to the wonders of Skype. If you are a math teacher, you have likely heard of Desmos. But you may not have heard of or seen the teacher's side to the awesome website.

There are a TON of awesome features with Desmos, but the activities page (located here) has some of my favorites. There are four polygraph activities as well as five others (with more to come). The polygraph activities pair two students together and has one student chose a graph from the panel with the other asking questions to try and determine what graph they picked.

From the teacher's perspective, I like Desmos activities because the teacher is able to see the students' progress as they go through the games and have a record of their activity. If I were using them in my classroom, I would likely have the teacher's dashboard projected on the board so that everyone could see who was making progress. But you don't HAVE to be in the same room all together. The developer in California was acting as the teacher during the demonstration. So I could also see multiple teachers doing it at the same time (with one "teacher") in order to have students work with students outside of their own class. How cool would that be?!

Overall, I think that Desmos, especially with the teacher side, is a great tool that every math teacher should check out. I am not awesome at math and the group activities actually kept me engaged. If they work for me, maybe your students would enjoy them, too.

Check Desmos out and let me know what you think!


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