Google Classroom App for Android and iOS Devices Revealed!

While I was attending the Apple workshops we were hosting in our district yesterday, I noticed an exciting bit of news on Google+ for those of you with mobile devices and are Google Classroom users. Google released an app for Android and iOS devices! According to the Google website, there are some clear advantages to using the app if you have the appropriate device:
  • Snap a photo: Attach photos to assignments or posts to share with the teacher or the whole class.
  • Share from other apps: Attach files, images, and links to Classroom assignments right from other apps.
  • Offline caching: Access Classroom assignments without an internet connection.
If you are interested in checking it out, here are the links to get it on the App (for iOS devices like iPads or iPhones) or Play store:

Get it on Google Play Donwload on the App store

I also took the time this morning to look at the app on both an Android device and iOS device (an iPad 2). Here is my initial review and a look at what the app does.


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