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TED Talks Worksheet on

On this first day back from vacation, I was catching up on my email when I came across this awesome worksheet offered by Laura Randazzo on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you aren't familiar with the Teachers Pay Teachers site, it is basically a way for teachers to share awesome stuff they are doing, teaching, creating, etc. in a store like format. Some of the resources are free while others are available at a cost. Laura currently has her TED Talks Worksheet available for free. I know that many teachers use TED Talks in their classrooms, but sometimes it can be hard to gauge understanding and engagement. This worksheet is well laid out and is done on a single side of a sheet of paper. Although I'm not usually a fan of paper, this seems to be a logical time to use it since students often get distracted during movies if given the opportunity to have screen time. You will need to have a Teachers Pay Teachers membership, but they do have free accounts. I recommend checking it out!

If you are struggling with ways to incorporate the TED Talks you love in to your classroom, I recommend checking out the TED Ed site. It has almost 100K lessons involving TED Talks. The topics cover the entire range of educational topics. Most of the videos are the perfect length to keep the students' attention and they certainly aren't like the majority of boring educational videos you tend to see being used.

As always, let me know what you think!


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