Removing Google Classroom (and other folders) from Your Google Drive App

I had a teacher email me this weekend asking how to customize the folders that were syncing on to his laptop with the Google Drive app. If you are a heavy Google Classroom user and you use the Google Drive app, you likely are taking up a lot of space with Classroom assignments without knowing it! So, here is my tutorial to walk you through how to set it up:

Written Directions:

  1. Click on the Google Drive app icon in the top menu bar and click on preferences.

  2. Check the box at the top to "Only sync some folders to this computer" and then deselect the Classroom folder (and any other folders you don't want on your local drive). Click "Apply Changes" and it will warn you that it is going to remove the unchecked folders from your drive. Click "Ok".

    Any folders unchecked will still be accessible from the Google Drive website. They simply won't be stored locally. Given that your GAFE/school Google Drive in the cloud now has unlimited storage, this is a great way to back up past work that you don't need any more while conserving local hard drive space.

Screencast tutorial:


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