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Site of the Day: Made with Code from Google

Today's site of the day is brought to us by the wonderful folks at Google. Made w/ Code is a site that helps students, especially girls, explore the world of coding in a really easy way. The site is broken down into a couple categories:

  • There are six different project types that the participant can do, with five of them being geared towards beginners and then another for intermediate.
  • Then there is a mentors page with six different videos to watch that tell you about how coding has been used in different fields from video production to health science, which makes it easier for the viewer to see how coding can be applied to so many different aspects of their life.
  • The Makers section is great for female students to become familiar with coding and understand that it is not just a "boys' world".
  • The community section lets the viewer connect with the "Made w/ Code" site in Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • The events page is turning out to be fairly limited for our area right now because there just aren't any events closer than Massachusetts. But what is really cool is that you can scroll down and get connected to a coding expert through Helpouts.
  • The last section is the resources page, which contains an additional eight projects (4 beginner and 4 intermediate) as well as resources for teachers to help students understand why coding is important.
Basically, if you have students, especially girls, who seem to have an interest in computers and coding, I'd highly recommend checking out Made w/ Code. If you have a student who does, let me know! It looks like a fun site that can really help our students move beyond the basic steps of technology as just consumers and help them become creators as well.


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