Site of the Day: Heatmap News

What's going on in the world? Where is the news coming from? Well, today's site of the day is a really awesome visual way of looking at just that. The Heatmap News site seems basic enough, but it's pretty awesome. When you log on, you can toggle between a map or satellite view of the Earth and then there are glowing areas where the site is seeing more topics posted on Google News. The most stories are going to be shown in red. Want to know what the area means? Click on it and it tells you a brief summary with a link taking you to all the news articles posted on Google News about it.

I can see Heatmap News being the first site that a teacher has open on their projected computer screen every day at the beginning of class. For me, it would spur me to wonder what is going on where the deep red is. In fact, just viewing their site made me aware of news articles that I didn't know of yet and I normally think of myself as fairly well informed. (Do YOU know why India was so red in my screenshot above?).

Check it out and let me know what you think! If you use it in your class, I'd love to know how. I think it's pretty cool!


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