Site of the Day: Graphite's Common Core Explorer

Today's site of the day is from the wonderfulness that is Common Sense Media's Graphite. If you haven't checked out Graphite in general, I highly recommend that you do so. It's designed to support our use of technology in the classroom by providing teachers with reviews of all kinds of web tools (and iOS apps) that are broken down into many different categories and grade levels to find what you are looking for very easy. They also offer professional development and appy hour podcasts for teachers.

The aspect of the Graphite site that I wanted to talk about as my site of the day is the Common Core Explorer component within their site. I LOVE this part because you can choose which common core standard you are covering, what grade, and it will give you some tools to look at to use in your lessons. Let's look at the language arts standards for grades 9-10.

If I wanted to look at technologies that would support "L.9-10.2c Spell correctly". Once I check out the six resources that are listed, I can easily see two different ratings: teacher rating and learning rating. That makes it really easy to even know where to start! One site that it directed me to is Text Adventures, which I was interested in since it's mostly free and used online. So, in combination with the ratings and the platform I'd be using it on, you can really narrow down some of their suggestion lists to only a few to check out.

If you are teaching anything with Common Core, I'd really recommend that you check out the Common Core Explorer from Graphite and see if you find something awesome. And, if you do, let me know!


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