Site of the Day: Gooru

Today's site of the day, Gooru, is meant to help teachers take advantage of all of the awesome tools that we have available to us thanks to technology. If you are looking for resources on a specific topic, you can log onto their site, search for the topic and then pull together the resources you find with a list. For example, one of their featured sources on chemistry has all of the resources for the course pulled together by unit. It makes it really easy to find information that the teacher has pulled together all in one place. Struggling with a skill or concept? Check out the teacher's Gooru and see what resources are available for that topic. Here is a screenshot:

Overall, I like how easy it is to use Gooru and how organized it can be. I've seen other tools similar to Gooru and they always seem to be more complicated than they should. If you are interested in checking out Gooru, I'd highly recommend checking out their quick start guide to see what it's all about.

As always, let me know what you think!


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