Site of the Day:

I've dished out a number of sites geared explicitly towards classrooms and teachers over the past few weeks. So I thought that I'd change it up and share with you. It does have a teachers dashboard to it, which you can access for free (they use your credit card to verify that you are an adult, but apparently don't charge you). But I created a student account, and rewound the clock a bunch of years in order to be eligible for one, and started exploring.

Why do I like Well, it really is geared towards our kids. It's the kind of place they would like. It is filled with like minded kiddos that are working on the patches that interest them. Yes, there are patches! So, if you have a student who is an engineer in the making, they can go check out the engineer patches that they have (ranging from mechanical to solar and everything in between) and then start doing project to "earn" that patch. But it's not just for the STEM crowd either. Are they an athlete or a skateboarder? Well, there are patches for them, too. On, it's all about taking what they are interested in already and exploring it deeper.

Check it out and share it with your students who you think would be engaged by it. If we give them ways to stay engaged and keep learning now, there's a chance they (and we) won't go as stir crazy once winter hits.


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