Site of the Day: CK-12 Physics Simulations

Me and Physics. We were never friends. Sure, it keeps my feet firmly planted on the ground and my car going. But I was never a very good physics student.

And here is where the CK-12 Simulations come into play as my site of the day.

On the site, students can chose from a LONG list of simulations that cover everything from the physics of sound to gravity's forces on water from a fountain... the list goes on. The first step once you've selected is to learn about the physics behind the simulation. Then you are taken into the simulation to put it to the test. The site has prompts under the challenge button to see if the student really knows their stuff.

If you are a science, math or industrial tech teacher then I highly recommend that you check it out.

Check it out and let me know what you, and your students, think!


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