Site of the Day: Remind

Do you often find that texting reminders to your students, whether in a class or a club, would be helpful? But then they'd know your cell phone number. And we all know how not awesome that would be.

Bring on Remind.

I first heard of them last year and thought that it was a great service. It is geared towards educational applications and all of the documentation and how to documents are set up for classrooms. With Remind, teachers never see the student/parent phone numbers and students never see theirs. It's designed to make classroom communication easy, free, simple, and safe. You can even attach photos, files, or voice clips.

Here is a presentation from Remind to explain the why and how:

My sister teaches in a rural school district where email isn't as common. She used Remind last year to keep her parents informed as to what was going on in school and it was a great tool for her.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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