Site of the Day: Photomath

Today's site of the day isn't so much an actual site as much as a iOS app that I thought was cool enough to show everyone. The basic premise of Photomath is simple. Take a photo, the app solves the problem, and breaks the math down into a step by step process so the user can see how it is solved. How cool is that?!? I'm blown away at how easy it is to use. Here is a video from Photomath to show you:

I know that there are going to be plenty of teachers who get frustrated that the students could use this app to "do their homework". But I could also see it as being an awesome way for students to double check their work. By walking them through the steps of how to solve it, the student can then double check their own process to see if they are doing it right. If they don't get the right solution, they basically get an instant look at where they went wrong.

As always, check it out and let me know what you think!


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