Site of the Day: Peanut Gallery from Google

Today's site of the day, Peanut Gallery, looks to be a fun tool for students who need support with their verbal skills. The premise behind the site is that you can watch a silent movie clip and then speak what you'd like the actor to have said and Google will interpret your text and put it on the "speaking" screen following the clip. As the user you have to be sure that you are speaking clearly and are in a good sound area without echoes or lots of background noise in order to have it recognize what you are saying.

From a teacher's perspective, I could see using this site in a theater class quite easily since it would help students with their speaking skills and give them a perspective of silent films. For ELA classes, how about having the students write their own poem and then have it "performed" via a silent film? The ideas could keep coming!

The final product can be shared via a link or through social media, which makes it easy to show it off.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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