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Site of the Day: Kahoot!

I know what you are going to say. "Susie, you talked about Kahoot! last year... this isn't new!" Well, no it's not. But I know that there are plenty of new teachers around or teachers who missed me talking about it last year. So I'm talking about it again because it remains one of the easiest to use tools to gauge students' understanding. And the kids love it and request it!

So, what is Kahoot!? Basically, it's a game-based response system for your classroom that is useable with ANY device. iPod Touch, smart phone, tablet... you name it and they can use it. So that makes it a great tool if you have students in class who don't have a laptop or are having issues with their. They can use anything!

As a teacher, you can create a Kahoot! game with multiple choice questions from 2 to 4 responses and a variable time limit to respond to each question. The students join your game with a 4 digit pin. If you turn on the option to have it run on its own, all you have to do is press play once your students have joined and it runs on its own. The faster a student answers with a right question, the more points they get. Once the time is up, it can show who got the most points (hello, gamified classroom!) before moving on to the next question. If you opt to manually go through the Kahoot! then you can discuss the student's responses before moving on. Were students struggling with the concept? It's a teachable moment to make sure they understand why. It makes reviewing fun!

Kahoot! also has a huge library of public Kahoots! that can make it even easier to get started such as this Kahoot! with 40 questions about brand recognition.

Now, this tool is so easy to use that I think everyone in our schools can get it without assistance. But, if you need help, you know I'm here! I love watching rooms that are Kahoot!ing and the engagement level that they have. You can also flip it and have the students create Kahoot!s to review the content that they are learning. Talk about engagement!


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