Site of the Day: Buncee

For those of you who have used Glogster before, today's site of the day is going to look like a possible alternative tool. Buncee is an online creation tool that lets you add multimedia onto a shareable digital canvas. Overall, I found creating my digital poster was really easy to do. I was able to add in the YouTube view by using the link. There are plenty of graphics that are built into the system to choose from. The cool part is that the text that I type onto the page become interactive and can be read out loud by the computer once I look at the final Buncee. You can see my example by clicking here if it doesn't load below.

There is two levels of membership to the Buncee EDU site. If I was a hard core Buncee user in my classroom, I could be convinced to invest in the greater functionality. But the basic level looks perfectly fine for individual students to create and share on their own.


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