New Permissions (and Other Features) in Google Classroom

One of the features that I know folks have wanted for Google Classroom is the ability to turn off commenting. Well, I was surprised to see that it's now live when I logged in to my Classroom this morning.

When you click on the students tab, you should now see the ability to change their access to be one of three options:

  1. Students can post and comment
  2. Students can only comment
  3. Only reacher can post or comment
Although I think the commenting feature is a great tool to use in the classroom, you can now turn it off or limit it if you are having problems.

If you are having problems with just one or a few students, you also now have the option to "mute" those students. Just check the offenders and then click on "Actions" and then "Mute".

Finally, you can now show or hide items that you've deleted from your stream. My assumption is that this setting only affects what you see, but I haven't been able to really test it yet. On the front of your classroom, on the stream tab, you'll see the following option on the left hand side.

I think that covers all of the new features that I've found thus far. I'll keep you updated if I see anything else!


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