Disabling Swipes Between Web Pages

I've heard from several teachers that they are frustrated by their browser going back and forth between pages, especially on Infinite Campus. First off, this is not a feature that is easily turned off for a specific site. I've spent time this morning looking up how to do it and suffice to say that it isn't happening. However, you CAN turn it off on your computer and then you won't have that problem at all.
  1. Open your system preferences.

  2. Open your track pad preferences.

  3. Now, there are a LOT of settings having to do with gestures. So feel free to explore and change or remove them as you'd like. But the one that has to do with this complaint is on the third tab:

    If you uncheck the box that the arrow is pointing to above, you will disable it going back and forth based on your gestures. If you use the drop down menu, then you can instead change what the gesture itself is. That could be helpful to change it to something that you don't usually do by accident.
And that's it! It's super easy to change or disable it all together. Are there are annoying things your Mac does that you can't figure out how to turn off? Let me know and I'll post a solution for you. Assuming there is one... ;-)


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