Classroom by Google is Here!

Don't panic! I'm going to be offering trainings on Classroom by Google as well as doing more in depth screencasts once we're back in session (next week. YIKES!). But Classroom by Google is here!

To get started, click on the image above and you will be able to set your roll and start making classes. The introduction video does a REALLY good job at giving you a quick overview of the process.

I know that some people are conflicted about what to use for online work collection and that is also on my hit list to cover early this school year. But suffice to say that if you are already a big user of Google Drive to gather your students work AND you don't need rubrics, then Classroom is the right place for you. If you NEED rubrics, then you can use Doctopus and Goobric. If you don't need Google Drive at all or use it very minimally, then you can do the work collection right on Infinite Campus and get rid of the middle man.

As I said, much more on this later!


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