Workshops for the Rest of the Year

Thank you to everyone for your feedback so far on my tech skills survey. I have a lot to think about to improve things for next year. One point that I did want to make is that I have made a conscious effort this year to try and bring everyone's skill levels up to where they need to be in terms of basic use while providing as much for the upper level users as possible. I did not expect everyone to do everything that I talked about, but more wanted to put out options so that folks were aware of what they could do. I was basically throwing stuff out there to see what would stick.

With that in mind, I really want to make sure that these last few weeks are as valuable to you as they possibly can be. So I am opening up my office hours to every day at either school so that I can help you as much as possible before you leave for the summer. What does that mean? Customized workshops! If you want to learn how to build a website, for example, you can make an appointment and we'll go through it step by step, one on one so you can get my undivided attention. Have a coworker that wants to know how to do the same thing? That's fine! The more the merrier!

Some teachers have opted in to the new Campus Instruction on Infinite Campus, which will be coming to everyone this fall. If you'd like me to show it to you, I can easily do that, too! I have not heard anything more about Google Classroom yet, but will share it as soon as I do. (My fingers are crossed that I'll get in to the Beta group.)

If you are looking for ideas, here are all of the workshop topics that I've covered this year:
  • Getting to Know Your Mac
  • IC Gradebook
  • IC Gradebook Beta
  • IC Student Work Submissions
  • Wrangling Your Inbox
  • Starting Your Website with Google Sites
  • Syncing, Organizing, and Sharing with Google Drive
  • Using Google Forms to Create Surveys
  • Utilizing IC Messenger & Newsletters for Student & Parent Communication
  • Apple TV Basics for Guinea Pigs
  • Getting Started with LanSchool
  • Online Assessments through IC
  • Beautifying Your Google Site
  • eduCanon in the Classroom
  • Google Calendar in the Classroom
  • Clicking for Clickers
  • Using Technology to Examining Similarities and Differences
  • Using Tech. to Provide Clear Learning Goals and Scales (Rubrics)
  • Aiming Students to Primary Sources
  • Using Tech. to Track Student Progress
  • Common Sense (Media) is Common Sense
  • Exploring Google Scripts
  • From Snore to Score (Kahoot!)
  • Google Connected Classrooms
  • Moving Beyond Presenting
  • Video in the Classroom
  • Ditch the Paper and Go Digital with Posters
  • Google Scripts & Add-ons
  • Digital Portfolios with Digication
  • Electronic Books with iBooks
  • Twitter is not the Devil
I'm still going to stick with the concept that my "home" for Mondays and Fridays is the Middle School and on Tuesdays and Thursdays it is the High School. But I'll go back and forth in between as needed. I can also come to team, grade, or clan meetings if there is something you would like me to cover with the whole group.


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