How to Ask for Google Classroom Invite

Apparently there was some confusion about how to ask for an invite to try Google Classrooms before it goes live this fall.

When you click on the link in my post ( click on "Request Invite":

Then you should be all set. I opted in and am waiting to hear if I'll be included. Here is a copy of the email they sent me:

Hello Sir/Madam,
Thanks for expressing interest in a preview of Classroom, a new tool coming to Google Apps for Education. We worked with dozens of schools to create this product, which will help your teachers get even more out of the Google Apps suite.
In June, we’ll start to invite batches of administrators and educators to participate in an early preview. By September, Classroom will be available to all schools that use Google Apps for Education.
In the meantime, here are some ways you can get ready for Classroom:
  • Visit the site - Check out the site to learn about the new tool
  • Watch the video - Hear the experiences of some of the teachers who had early access
  • Learn more - Read the overview document to learn more about the features and benefits
In the meantime if you know of other teachers who might be interested, please encourage them to request an invitation for Classroom as well.
The Google for Education team

I am excited to see it in action!


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