Free Economic Games!

I just came across this free economic games website that is "free, ready to play, nothing to install, no need to register!" They have 12 different games to chose from. As an example:
Industrial Organization
Price discrimination, vertical differentiation and peak-load pricing
Players take price and quantity decisions for an airline on a given route against a robot competitor. Illustrates notions such as marginal cost/average cost, variable cost/fixed cost, sunk cost, short-run/long-run cost, price discrimination (yield management), elasticity of demand, peak-load pricing... And eventually, players must choose whether or not to use vertical differentiation to soften competition. This is a classroom variant of the tutorial of our other game, airECONsim.
There are also games involving game theory, introduction to microeconomics, public goods, and Cournot and Stackelberg Games. They are not the most glamourous, but they seem to be a good way to use games in economic classes without needing to set up accounts or anything.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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