Free brain breaks in 5 minutes of less

Especially this time of year, our brains seem to be just in desperate need for a break. Go Noodle to the rescue! The idea is simple. Brain breaks for use to burn off energy, relax, or focus before a test as well as others. And they are meant to take 5 minutes or less to do. I know that adding anything else to the day is overwhelming. But do you have a class that is especially wired and hard to control? Take the first 5 minutes and do one of the energy burning activities and see if it helps. If it does, then you may have just saved yourself 5 minutes of time spent managing the chaos. Or are your students stressing about an upcoming test like SATs or APs? Then try one of the calming exercises. One of them is even called "Let It Go" and features the song from Disney's Frozen and is less than 4 minutes long. The idea is that they focus on the words from the song and just relax and let the stress go.

Each time that your class uses "Go Noodle" they earn points towards their champ level. It also means that you can track which ones you have already used and which ones seemed to work the best for them.

As always, check it out and let me know what you think!


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