Publishing Google Presentations on Websites

A couple issues with Google Slides (or Presentations) on websites this week led me to look more into it. It is very deceptive because it will look like it works just fine for you, but then the viewers of your site see nothing but an empty box. There are two ways to ensure you don't have problems with it.

First off, make sure that your "Sharing Settings" are appropriate. For this particular teacher, we opted to make the presentation accessible to "Anyone who has the link can view". We did not want to limit the access to the file to just MSAD #6 users because it could result in confusion for our students when they have to open a new tab, log in, and then refresh the page with the presentation on it. Remember, we want to get rid of barriers, not add to them. The "Link to share" is what you would include when you insert a presentation into a Google Site.

An example of the "Sharing settings" screen when putting your Google Presentation on your website.

To insert a Google Presentation in to your Google Site, follow the above menu flow.
Take the URL from the "Link to share" field in the top image and paste it into the field that says "Or paste a web address here:"
You should then have your presentation in your Google Site. To be sure I would open a browser that you don't normally use and check your website there. If you use Chrome, you should be able to click on file in the top tool bar and then open a "New Incognito Window" to check it in since it should ignore your cookies.

The other option is to use the "Publish to the Web" option under the "File" menu.

Simply click "Start Publishing" and then press "OK" in the pop up window.

Once published, you have two options. You can take the URL in that window and use it as a link on your website, in emails, etc. Or you can take the embed code and embed the presentation into your website by using an HTML code block.

If you do opt to embed it, be sure that you chose the appropriate presentation size and the automatic advancement time as well as if the slideshow will automatically start or restart before you copy the embed code.

Either of those options should ensure your presentation is viewable by your website visitors. As always, if you have problems or want help, just let me know!


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