Free Lessons on Google Components, Social Media, etc.

While browsing around for something fun to teach for next week's sessions, I came across my bookmark for GCF Learn Free. I originally bookmarked it last fall because they offer free tutorials on how to use a long list of tools from Gmail to Google Drive to Google Chrome to Blogging and more. And it is completely free. The lessons are very easy to follow and contain quizzes to test your understanding.
I think they would be great to use with our students when you feel that they are lacking the necessary skills to do a task, but you want to differentiate it so that every kid can learn what they need. They also offer free curriculum guides to teachers to give them support while they use the site in the classroom.

I know that I've had several teachers express their concern about our students' basic skills, so this would be a very easy way to start getting them to where they should be!


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