Are you Kahooting?

I am so excited about the feedback that the high school teachers are giving me from using Kahoot! in their classrooms! My webinar on it is forthcoming, but it is so easy to use that you should just check it out. The idea is that you do a non-formative assessment via an interactive quiz. You show the questions on the projected screen and then they have to select the right answer on their own device (laptop, mobile phone, iPad, etc.). The faster they answer with the correct answer, the more points they get. So it turns the quiz into a game, which, as studies have shown, will boost engagement. The high school teachers have been RAVING about how awesome it has gone in their classroom and their kids just cannot get enough of it. One class has been asking every day if they are doing another Kahoot! Talk about engagement and interest!

Are you using Kahoot! in your classroom? If so, how is it going for you? Any tips for other teachers?


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