Adding a Photo Gallery to Google Sites

I've worked with a teacher at the middle school who wanted an easy way to add a photo gallery to her website, which is hosted on Google Sites. Fortunately, with the combination of Google Sites and Drive, it's very easy to create and update galleries on your site. I do want to emphasize that you need to have permission to post for every kid in every image that you upload. Please take the time to verify that. If you don't know the kids (and therefore can't verify permission to post) then think about if what you are sharing online adds value to your site before doing so. That being said, you can use the same idea to host images of students projects so that you can make a virtual gallery of exemplars for what your students should be working towards.

I wrapped up a new page on my "Guides & Tutorials"that walks you through the process of how to add a gallery of images, or even files, on to your Google site. Click on this link in order to go check it out and let me know if you have any questions or problems.


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