What font are YOU using?

I first saw an article going around last week that was talking about how important your choice of font is. Historically, my education has taught me the differences between serif fonts (fonts with the little filigree at the ends), such as Times New Roman, and non-serif fonts, such as Arial. I learned about which ones are more legible than others in various applications. And I've even designed, and had students design, a few fonts myself.

But what I never would have thought about is how your font choice could actually be COSTING you more money than others. Sure, you might love Comic Sans, but did you notice that it takes up a lot more ink than other fonts? Yeah, me neither.

To summarize the article, switching over to Garamond font at the same point size could potentially decrease our ink consumption by 24%. I am a big time paper hater and cringe when I see folks photocopying mass amounts of dead tree stuff for our students, especially in the 1:1 environment we have now. But, if you are going to do it anyways, perhaps you can change your font choice to be Garamond instead. Besides, serif fonts are easier to read than fonts like Comic Sans anyways.

To check out the article and read about how they actually calculated it, you can click here.


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