A (Disappointing) Update on Grammar Check in Google Drive

At Friday's technology workshops at the high school, staff members once again inquired about grammar checking in Google Drive. I had not seen anything that would work with Google Drive, but, having not looked recently, I said that I'd look into it again and report back.

Unfortunately, I don't have any huge change to report. Ginger, the spelling and grammar checker I shared the last time, still will not communicate with Google Drive, likely in large part, because of the permissions involved. Nor has another option come along that claims to check grammar at all never mind well.

So, this article that I found about spelling and grammar checking Google Drive items still remains the standard (unfortunately). I am seeing a couple tools popping up in Documents and Sheets that claim to check grammar. But the one I tried, ProWritingAid, is only a 14 day trial, so that won't help our kiddos. It also didn't seem to be intuitive to me since I had to run the add-on to check my grammar. We all know our kiddos won't take that extra step since they are used to other word processors checking automatically.

I'll keep an ear out to see if any useful ones appear and report if I see/hear of anything.


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