Back that computer up...

The first day back from a snow-extended-vacation is more painful than most. Those emails you've been putting off taking care of are overwhelming. Waking up in time for work... cruel and unusual punishment. So I'll start things off slow and steady this week.

The infographic below came to me in one of those emails filling my inbox from, who sends me emails with some pretty awesome ones every week. This one was especially applicable to us as it deals with how to prevent disasters from happening with your computer crashing. I, for one, would be incredibly devastated if my computer had to be reimaged. Fortunately, I have all of my important documents backed up to my Google Drive (I filled my CrashPlan Pro account ages ago) so I can access everything anywhere that I have internet. How are you protecting yourself from disaster?

Back That Computer Up: Preventing Computer Disasters In The Age Of The Cloud
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