Music Timeline from Google

While looking at the latest resources to hit Google+ this morning, I came across a post about this music timeline that Google posted last week. If you are a music teacher, it is a very visual way to look at the history of music and what some of the important albums released for the various genres were at different points in time. Click on the genre and you'll see a new graphic that breaks it down in to subcategories. Of course, all of the album art links to their Google Play store in hopes that you'll buy it. However, imagine using a site like this to have students chose a genre that they love and then use it as a base for research about what artists and groups came before and lead to the music they know and love today.

  • What similarities do they hear? What differences?
  • Would they have put those albums in the same category as each other?
  • Would they listen to the "classics" from their chosen genre?
  • What was happening in history when their chosen genre of music "peaked" in popularity?
Check it out and let me know what you think!


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