Improved Spelling & Grammar Check within Google Chrome

I had a teacher at the high school earlier this week come to me and inquire about spelling and grammar check within Google Drive. If you've used it at all, you know it's not the best. So I decided to check to see what options we had

What I found is pretty darn awesome. Right off the bat, this works if you are using Google Chrome, which is available under the "Web" category in self service, or Safari. The extension itself is from Ginger (click on the link to download it). Why is it cool? Well, you don't just get improved spelling and grammar check within Google Drive almost anywhere in Chrome or Safari. (Since originally posting this, I have figured out that it does not work with Google Drive because of the permissions it requires. I am looking in to it.) It's anywhere in the browser. So if they are putting in answers in an Infinite Campus assignment, it will work there.

Here is a YouTube video showing you how it works:


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